Lawyer Referral Program

Do you need assistance with a legal problem?

The purpose of the Referral Program is to assist the public in selecting the most appropriate resource for assistance with legal problems. Participating attorneys are required to submit an extensive application to the service and they must be a member in good standing of the Lebanon County Bar with no pending probable cause complaints. Attorneys are also required to have professional liability insurance.

Once an application for a referral is submitted, you will be given the name and telephone number of an attorney able to assist with your problem. NOTE: only 1 referral will be provided per call or on-line submission. When you call the attorney to schedule a meeting, please tell him/her that the Lebanon County Bar Association referred you.

Your first 30 minutes of legal consultation will be based on the attorney's hourly rate. After the initial 30 minutes, it is up to you and the attorney to negotiate fees if you decide to authorize the attorney to take action on your behalf.

The Lebanon County Referral Service is designed to assist anyone who can afford to retain a lawyer. Persons who have a legal problem and cannot afford a lawyer should contact:

MidPenn Legal Service Office @ (717) 274-2834

To request a referral you may call (717) 273-3113, or submit a request on-line by contacting the LCBA.