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Information Available on New Criminal Expungement Law

New Expungement Law Takes Effect November 1

The Lebanon County Bar Association is participating in an “Understanding Expungement and Limited Access to Criminal Records” public information campaign. The program provides basic information about expungement and a new state law that amends the crimes code to create a new option to address criminal history record information.

The new state law, which goes into effect Nov. 1, 2016, limits access to criminal records for eligible individuals convicted of a second- and third-degree misdemeanor who have completed all punishment and have no arrests or convictions for at least 10 years. The law allows individuals to petition the courts for an order of limited access to information about certain second- and third-degree misdemeanors. Although the public will no longer have access, the criminal histories would still be available upon request to law enforcement and state licensing agencies.

Pennsylvania has joined a growing number of states to expand expungement laws and to limit access to some information about criminal histories with the primary goal of removing barriers to employment, housing and education for individuals who have completed their sentences.

In addition to support from the Lebanon County Bar Association, the campaign is funded with support from the Pennsylvania Bar Association and a grant from the Pennsylvania Bar Trust Fund. It is the 13th in a series of statewide public education efforts waged under the direction of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Community and Public Relations Committee. Previous campaigns have addressed such issues as wills and estates, children’s educational rights, identity theft, credit issues and child support.

To receive copies of free brochures Pennsylvania’s laws on expungement and limited access to criminal records, click here.  To find a local attorney who can assist you, call 717-273-3113